What is Web Accessibility?

Universal Web accessibility strives for everyone—particularly the disabled, but also those with a slow Internet connection or those using off-brand browser software—to understand, navigate, and interact with the Web. To accomplish this, a site needs to be programmed while keeping a variety of software and hardware features and limitations in mind. The Web Accessibility Initiative provides guidelines to Web sites developers and programmers. supports the Web Accessibility concept. In addition, one of our goals is to develop resources on assistive technology, which involves computer aids and other technology for the disabled and infirmed, so physicians can learn about and prescribe this technology where appropriate to their patients.

Programming a site to satisfy Web accessibility guidelines is a challenge for many Web designers, and often the results are a "plain vanilla" interface that is unattractive to the general public—but that need not be the case, as we hope our site demonstrates. For their expertise, talent and hard work in design and programming, we are indebted to Rhizoid Design and to Paul Ratnaraj, President of Sprine Corporation.



Last Modified: 10-Dec-2006

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