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Our flagship product, Medical Computing Review (MCR) contains medical computing articles and product reviews on clinical care, practice management, and medical education for physicians at all levels of computer competency. Founded in 1991 as Medical Software Reviews, it is commonly regarded as the leading resource for objective evaluations of medical software. The publication was renamed Medical Computing Review in 2005 as its content expanded, reflecting the increasing role of computer technology in medical practice.

MCR's content reflects computer technology's impact on and ongoing transformation of medicine:

  • MCReports: reports describing an aspect of computer technology and its effect or use in clinical practice
  • Computing Rounds: case presentations describing a particular computing situation or product, followed by a discussion of the case by the author.
  • NetViews: articles describing the strengths and limiatations of a particular Web sote, or how a topic of interest to physicians is covered on the Web.
  • Byteside Consults: advice to the computer lorn, where selected questions are answered by experts and/or MCRstaff.
  • and our medical software reviews, of course! Continually developing database of single (MCReports) and comparative (ComparaViews) reviews, mini-reviews (NanoReviews) and revisits (DejaViews), covering EMRs, clinical references, CME products and practice management software, for desktops and PDAs, software and online access.

Subscribe to Medical Computing Review for your medical staff to receive:

    • Practical information on computers and related technology
    • Readable articles written by practicing physicians for practicing physicians
    • Content that covers a broad range of computer experience and literacy
    • An independent source of information—absolutely no commercial ties, influence or vested interests
    • A well-honed editorial process with peer review by physicians and technology specialists as needed.
    • Open Access, a new publishing format on the Internet with extensive academic and science community support. Current online resources include free unlimited access to over 7 years of full text reviews and articles, many with tables

    Benefits of a $199 annual institutional subscription to MCR:

    • Ongoing up-to-date information for your medical staff on using computers and related technology in practice, education and research.
    • Receive the print publication for library reference.
    • Help shape an independent open access publication with your feedback and suggestions.

    To subscribe for your institution by credit card or online check, click here: (, the publisher of Medical Computing Review, is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to creating and maintaining a Web repository of authoritative, unbiased information on medical computing and related technology.



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