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What is Open Access?

Open access is a new publishing model that relies on the free, near realtime and near universal distribution of professional studies and articles over the Web. Such articles were previously available only through traditional scholarly publishers, and for a fee. Central to the mission of open access journals is that they adopt the same editoral practices and standards as traditional scholarly publishers, to ensure a comparable quality of content.

Open access has become a hot topic of interest and debate. In the medical community, open access publishing has received overt support from the National Institutes of Health through, for example, PubMed Central repository. With the increasing popularity and support of open access, some traditional medical publishers are opening up access to some or all of their content, with or without limitations. is a strong supporter of the open access movement. Although we do not publish original research, we believe that free and widespread distribution of information on medical computing, edited and peer reviewed using traditional editorial standards, is necessary for today's physicians to learn how best to apply computers and related technologies in their practices and for the best care of their patients.

Last Modified:10-Dec-2006

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