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The Medical Education section of the Archives lists articles and features about physician training, teaching, and continuing medical education.

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10/01 Bioterrorism Web Resources for Physicians [Lazoff] NetView Special
09/01 Physician kNOWLedger [Lazoff] List
05/01 Online Clinical References (Lazoff) NetView
06/00 Buying Medical Books Online (Lazoff) NetView
02/00 Electronic CME (Lazoff) Web List
02/00 Cardiology Boards Review Software (multiple) Review
09/99 Computer-based testing and the USMLE (Wei) Article
09/99 Online Medical Events (Staff) List
04/99 How are faculty using the Web to support institutional experiences? (Reznich) List
03/99 "I Want a New Drug..." (Lazoff) NetView
08/98 Computer-based EBM (Lazoff) NetView
07/98 Frequently Updated Clinical References (Lazoff) NetView (updated)
05/98 Medical Software on the Web (Lazoff) NetView
10/97 Boards Review Software - complete article (Lazoff) Review (updated)
10/97 Emergency Medicine Boards Review Software (multiple) Review
10/97 Family Practice Boards Review Software (multiple) Review (updated)
10/97 Internal Medicine Boards Review Software (multiple) Review
10/97 Obstetrics and Gynecology Boards Review Software (multiple) Review
10/97 Pediatric Boards Review Software (multiple) Review
10/97 Surgery Boards Review Software (multiple) Review (updated)
09/97 Musings on Medical Education (Zaroukian & McNutt) Opinion
07/97 Medical Education 2 (Lazoff) NetView  (updated)
06/97 Medical Education 1 (Lazoff) NetView  (updated)

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