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Great prices on eclectic collection of non-professional, non-technical books." is the online division of one of the largest "closeout/remainder" bookstores in North America. The parent company (Book Depot)... Our books are not used or previously read...In the publishing trade our product is often called "remainders". These are books which, in a previous life, were on the shelves at chain and independent bookstores around the world." About Shipping. Sales tax: Canada only.
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Very nice inventory and prices. " offers a world-class selection of books, training materials and print-on-demand documentation for business, finance, math, science and technology experts...If you find a lower price (including applicable shipping costs) on any item we carry from or, let us know, and we'll match that price." Sales tax: California, Kentucky.
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Portland, Oregon's well-respected "City of Books". Shipping Information, and details about free shipping for orders of $50 or more. Sales tax: Oregon.
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"Powell's is giving Stephen King fans and aspiring writers a very special opportunity. Every day until the end of July, one lucky online entrant will win a collectible uncorrected proof of King's as yet unpublished and unavailable book, On Writing, which won't be available in stores until October 3rd! In addition, each winner will receive a $10 credit at Writing, a first-hand guide to the writer - and to writing, itself - will serve as an accessible and important reference for readers and writers alike.
Great prices, and great shipping policy. " is a leading online retailer of new college textbooks." Shipping FAQs. Sales tax: Illinois and District of Columbia.
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Due to what appeared to MCToday to be misleading practices towards its affiliates/partners and their visitors, MCToday decided not to join two online medical bookstore programs, forgoing the potential kickbacks from purchases made using the links: These links access their main sites; both have active affiliate/partners programs, so seemingly independent bookstores associated with a Web site or organization may actually be in partnership with one or the other, with identical inventories and pricing. However, purchases made through these affiliates/partners will benefit the Web site or organization. Medsite does not list its affiliates/partners online (two of the most popular are Physicians' Online and Medscape; asked that we include their link on this page), but Login Brothers' Medical Book Mall does.
Barnes & Noble's selection is slightly less extensive and their prices/shipping policy is similiar to Amazon. See Home Page, MedicalBooks, ComputerBooks, and Bargain Books (includes science, computers)
I've heard good things about, a discount technical (computing) bookstore. Shipping costs are calculate by the store prior to purchase.
UK's Blackwell's Bookshops with an extensive listing, including many medical and computing selections and good word-of-mouth on European and international (including U.S.) shipments. Latest exchange rate for the British pound is about $1.58 U.S. dollars.
Alibris has one of the best collections of used books on the Web. Its medical browse page lists over 51,000 health-related books! Use the search engine for professional books and textbooks. Halftime Books buys and sells used books, among other things, and without the auction hassle. The inventory has depth but professionals need to search for specific titles; the browsing sections are for general public and popular books.
Follett's is a large seller of new and used textbooks. Its home page is javascripted, which prevents a direct link to its Medical Textbooks. Note that the schools' listing under Medical Textbooks are not medical schools. Best to search by author or ISBN, or perform a partial title search; a full title search may miss those that are abbreviated in the database., an affiliate of Barnes & Noble, is another seller of new and used textbooks.
NetLibrary distributes eBooks (digitalized books that can be downloaded to a desktop or handheld). Among its extensive offerings, browse the 200+ eBooks alphabetized under Internal Medicine and many hundreds more under Computers.
Books Online: home page, Medicine, Mathematics and Computer Science. Founded in 1993 by John Mark Ockerbloom, this is a directory of over 10,000 books that can be read freely directly off the Web.
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  • Dealtime: Books, which compares the cost (plus shipping) to show the best online deal. Search by title, author, and ISBN for specific books, including professional books. A very nice resource that covers the most popular online bookstores, but unfortunately it misses some of the best sites.
  • Doody's Book Reviews on HealthGate.


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