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The Internet section of the Archives lists articles and features regarding on line and telecommunications, and the ways international connectivity will affect medicine. Included below is an Introduction to NetView, topical reviews of medical content on the Web.

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10/01 Bioterrorism Web Resources for Physicians [Lazoff] NetView Special
09/01 Physician kNOWLedger [Lazoff] List
05/01 Online Clinical References (Lazoff) NetView
06/00 Buying Medical Books Online (Lazoff) NetView
04/00 Kickback Korner (Staff) List
02/00 Electronic CME (Lazoff) Web List
10/99 Type New Diabetes (Lazoff) NetView
09/99 Online Medical Events (Staff) List
08/99 Search and Browse (Lazoff) NetView
05/99 Musings on the Internet and its value to physicians (Bove) Opinion
04/99 MI Recommendations (Lazoff) List (updated)
04/99 How are faculty using the Web to support institutional experiences? (Reznich) List
03/99 "I Want a New Drug..." (Lazoff) NetView
01/99 Online Medical Services: The Second Generation (Lazoff) NetView
01/99 Online Medical Services (Lazoff) NetView (updated)
11/98 Brain Attack, Web Style (Lazoff) NetView (updated)
09/98 Patient Education (Lazoff) NetView
08/98 Computer-based EBM (Lazoff) NetView
07/98 Medical Professional News (Lazoff) NetView (updated)
07/98 Frequently Updated Medical References (Lazoff) NetView (updated)
05/98 Medical Software on the Web (Lazoff) NetView
03/98 Emerging Infections (Lazoff) NetView
03/98 Developing an Effective Web Site (Cortes) Article
02/98 Medical Records Projects (Lazoff) NetView (updated)
01/98 EMR (In)security (Lazoff) NetView
01/98 Web Sites That Help Build Web Sites (Liaw and Lazoff) Web List
12/97 AMIA '97: Internet Access to Patient Data (Jacobson) Article
11/97 Multiple Sclerosis (Lazoff) Netview
10/97 Acute Bacterial Meningitis (Lazoff) NetView (updated)
10/97 Musings on Telemedicine (Pedigo) Opinion
09/97 Quality Medical Care (Lazoff) NetView (updated)
08/97 Surgical Web Sites (Taft) Web List
08/97 Alternative Medicine (Lazoff) NetView  (updated)
07/97 Medical Education 2 (Lazoff) NetView  (updated)
06/97 Medical Education 1 (Lazoff) NetView  (updated)
04/97 Biomedical Journals on the Internet (Jacobson) Article

Introduction to NetView

The number of medical Web sites is large and growing daily. Quality varies from top-notch to amateurish and worse; Web site authors range from the most reputable institutions to individuals lacking in credentials but rich in ulterior motives. Some sites are sponsored by commercial entities and have a distinct bias while others, sponsored or not, legitimately strive for objectivity. Some Web pages are meticulously maintained, others are allowed to become stale and out of date.

Helping health care professionals obtain valid information on the Internet is becoming an important and much-discussed topic. By critically evaluating how a medical topic is covered on the Web -- by citing examples of excellent, controversial, or problematic sites -- NetView hopes to contribute to the global effort of sorting out the medically good from the bad and the ugly. NetView is not another comprehensive list on a given topic, or a review or rating system of medical Web sites. Its focus is Web content rather than Web sites, and on how content is presented and in what context it can be useful to physicians and others.

NetView is published as part of Healthcare Computing Publication's monthly subscription newsletter, Medical Software Review. Its free distribution here has two main objectives. First, as articles accumulate on various topics, NetView will hopefully become a Web database of articles that can be quickly perused to identify specific resources with minimal effort and time. Second, NetView aims to provide an informative and enjoyable stroll, a focused browse or surf through the medical Internet that invites the reader to appreciate and reflect upon the potential uses and abuses of this wonderful new medium.

When you have some free time select a NetView from the list below. Read about the sites and if one piques your curiosity, click on over to it. When you've finished exploring a site, just close the window and you'll be back at the article, exactly where you left off. These pages are designed so outside links prompt open a second window that covers, but doesn't close, the article. This saves you from backspacing or needing a bookmark to return to the article.

The dynamic of the medical Internet is constant flux. Effort is made to include all important, interesting or controversial sites and to keep NetView information up to date. If you find any sites that have changed or disappeared, if you disagree strongly with a comment, or if you have new sites to recommend, please e-mail me. Thank you for your feedback.

---M.Lazoff, M.D.

Special thanks to Michael Jacobson, M.D., M.P.H., for his thoughtful contributions to this introduction.

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