Information for Authors
Manuscripts here refer to article, review, and opinion submissions. Comments to Medical Computing Today (MCToday)'s articles that are of sufficient length or complexity may be submitted as uninvited manuscripts. At the editors' discretion, brief comments in response to articles on MCToday may be considered for posting on the site.
Manuscript Submissions
MCToday was created as a site for physicians and other health professionals to electronically publish work on medical computing and related technology in a context that duplicates the credibility and quality standards characteristic of our finest medical journals.
In general, we post two types of articles: (1) scholarly articles that are formally peer-reviewed and explain or expound upon a relatively difficult concept or require an expert's perspective, and (2) more practically-oriented articles that lend themselves to a less formal (though no less serious) editing for content, and explain or expound upon more easily accessible ideas or areas where the author has experience but is not considered an expert. "Expert" refers to either peer recognition or expertise that comes from a comprehensive review of the (Web, print) literature.
Style and content
Medical Computing Today seeks to meet the highest standard of factual accuracy, depth of content, and editorial excellence in the material posted on its site.
Articles should be succinct and direct in style, and should not rely upon technical jargon to convey information. Assertions, opinions, and conclusions should be supported. We encourage additions that can be linked to the main article, such as sidebars that enlarge on selected points; glossaries in articles introducing a set of new terminology; and simple summary tables, provided that they lend themselves to HTML formatting. We support the appropriate use of graphics and multimedia.
References to other Web sites that contain relevant content of high quality are encouraged, as are references to the literature. Web site references should state the site name, page name and page address (URL); literature references should be formatted according to AMA style. We reserve the right to decide which sites will be linked directly from MCToday's pages.
Other types of submissions, such as opinions, musings, or reviews, may be less formal in tone than articles, but other requirements remain the same.
All submissions should be in text format (please, no HTML). Formatting by popular Windows or DOS software such as Wordperfect or Word is less preferable but acceptable.
Editing and Peer Review
We are committed to the peer review process. Major articles are reviewed in a double-blind manner by a member of our Peer Review Board whose expertise matches the article's core content, with the Medical Editor serving as intermediary. Other types of submissions will be considered for peer reviewed when appropriate. At a minimum, all work published on MCToday is read for content by at least one, and often two physician-editors. Author revision may be required before acceptance.
For more information about our peer review process or its Board, contact the
Medical Editor.
All original work published on this site is copyright by both Medical Computing Today and the individual author(s). MCToday will request each author to sign an agreement stating that neither MCToday nor the author will reuse any material without the prior consent of the other party.
Address for manuscripts
Invited manuscripts should be sent via e-mail to the Editor at For some submissions a hard copy may be required for confirmation.
All other manuscripts, including unsolicited manuscripts, should be e-mailed along with cover letter explaining the submission and a copy of the author's curriculum vitae. A response will be sent within two to four weeks. Authors should anticipate that, if accepted, an e-mail or diskette of the final version may be requested.
For all manuscripts
The author's name, address, phone, fax and e-mail address should be appended on top, along with a statement of any actual or potential affiliation that might lead to a conflict of interest related to the subject of, and information in, the article. All authors will be asked to fill out and sign a disclosure form before an article is accepted for publication.