Mission Statement
from MCToday's original Web site, April 1997
Medical Computing Today is designed for physicians and other health professionals as an online repository of computing and technology information. Written and edited by physicians, it strives to be a scholarly, practical, and interactive forum for our colleagues and others at all levels of computer expertise.
There is solid medical computing work to be found throughout the Internet; several sites are stellar. Part of MCToday's task will be to highlight such sites within scholarly articles or in other contexts. Original articles will attempt to concentrate on areas not presently covered in detail on the Internet. Article references include print journals and books in addition to linking to appropriate Internet sites; the key concern is the strength and relevance of the reference, not its medium. One important goal is the intelligent incorporation and integration of electronic multimedia.
We are committed to the peer review process. Major articles are reviewed in a double-blind manner by a member of our Peer Review Board whose expertise matches the article's core content, with the Medical Editor serving as intermediary. All work published on MCToday is read for content by at least one, and often two physician-editors. Author revision may be required before acceptance. No payment is made for work published on MCToday.
Most of MCToday's staff are practicing physicians drawn together by an avocation in medical computing; its core members come from among long-time reviewers or Advisory Board members of Healthcare Computing Publication's Medical Software Reviews, or their colleagues. Now that we are on line, we are eager to expand our network of authors and editors. Those interested in joining us or contributing in any way will find details under
Information for Authors. We also encourage site users to submit questions and comments in response to our content, some of which may be posted with responses.
Where medical computing will be 10 years from now is anyone's guess; who in 1987 would have predicted the World Wide Web, free Medline searches and online NEJM articles, and palmtops a hundredfold more powerful for one quarter the cost? For that reason, we reach out in particular to those who will represent the core of our profession in 2007 -- today's medical students, housestaff and young physicians. Medical Computing Today is also about preparing for, and shaping, medical computing tomorrow.
Information for Authors
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The medical publishing company that co-created Medical Computing Today was sold at the beginning of 2000. At present, MCToday is being maintained by Marjorie Lazoff, M.D. The September 24, 2001 issue of American Medical News published an interview with Dr. Lazoff.
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Marjorie Lazoff, MD, using Arachnophilia, an HTML editing/authoring program for Windows 95/NT users. For those unfamiliar with this software, see August 1996's New York Times Online's article on Arachnophilia and its creator, Paul Lutus. Although Arachnophilia is distributed free-of-charge through the Internet it is not freeware; it is Care Ware. All original graphics were created using the proprietary software CorelXARA.
We greatly appreciate the efforts of George Conklin, a member of MCToday's advisory board and past Chief of Information Officer of Integris Health, for arranging to share his former company's webmastering services with us from May through November 1998. MCToday also thanks the son of another advisory board member, Patrick Pedigo, and his company PCI Media for generously hosting this site while it was under development.
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