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accepted for publication in Medical Computing Today August 1997
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The Internet can be likened to a vast desert, which from a distance appears to be unlimited in scope and static in appearance. Up close, however, the sand dunes are constantly shifting and changing under the influence of winds and weather. Life teems both on and underneath its surface. So it is with the Internet: much of the Web seems to be an endless collection of commercial sites, with a constant din of hucksterism and self-promotion. Underneath this commercial veneer there are many useful, informative, and educational Web sites. One of the challenges that faces the medically and surgically-oriented surfer is staying in touch with useful and/or favorite sites, which often change not only their content but their address or URL.
The development of endoscopic and laparoscopic approaches to previously fairly static surgical procedures has been an absolute revolution for General Surgery, and it has led to a rethinking of almost every disease process and operative procedure in the specialty. It is against this background that this annotated sampling of General Surgery sites for the medical professional on the World Wide Web was originally written.
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