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Accepted for publication in Medical Computing Today July 1998
(updated) June 1999.
Originally published in edited form June and July 1998 in Medical Software Reviews.

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There is no shortage of online medical and health information to help keep us informed on current events, politics, clinical practice, business, and computing matters. A wealth of resources contributes to this abundance: major media coverage; press releases from medical organizations, institutions, and companies; current contents of medical journals and online abstract reviews; reports from medical conventions; and medical sites with running commentary on issues that fall within clinical, legal, and ethical arenas.
The sections here are more "newsy" than Frequently Updated Medical References, which list more professionally accessible clinical information, frequently refreshed or updated.
To expedite browsing in this article, all news resources are first divided by frequency of updates: daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly, then further divided into three somewhat overlapping categories: Medical News includes sites which specifically target physicians and other health care practitioners, or is written with sufficient medical depth and attention to scholarship to serve that audience; Science/Biotechnology News overlaps with medicine, particularly research and basic medical science; only those sites with a clinical or research slant are included, although there will be many unrelated articles; and Health News, the least specific category, is directed at the entire Internet community. Those selected here are either major news outlets or are unique and/or useful to professionals. A number of these are appropriate resources for patient education. Within each category, similar references are listed together.
Note whether the news is archived, a potentially powerful reference database. The Internet Sleuth maintains a group of search engines for popular health news archives. This is a useful resource for old news items and releases, although each archive needs to be searched individually.
One of the forces behind the Web's recent growth has been the easy access to real time business and financial news, information previously unavailable to small companies and individual investors. At first many medical and health sites assumed individual physicians would similarly benefit and so they followed the same template, relying on one or a handful of newswire and press release reports with periodic updates from the same sources. As a result, early Web site's medical news content varied less than their presentation, style, and ease of navigation -- and for most physicians, the information was of limited clinical utility.
In response, many medical and health sites are broadening their news resources or even beginning to provide their own original content, and this update reflects that change. But in the end, for a number of reasons I suspect mainstream medical news will remain less important for health professionals than mainstream business or financial news is for investors, corporate workers, and business enterpreneurs. One exception may be live and archived convention reporting, as listed on Online Medical Events.
This article strives to be comprehensive but not all-inclusive. Many sites were excluded because of unabashed commercialism, sensationalism, or unprofessional presentation or content. Sites aimed solely at the public -- for example, the popular Johns Hopkins InteliHealth -- are also not included. Please contact me with corrections or to submit sites for consideration. Sites that cater to physicians are especially welcome.
With all these sites, maybe soon they'll give us physicians our own Medicine subheading in Haiku Headlines!

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