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Since many of the best sites include more than one specialty, all physicians should browse Multiple Specialties in addition to checking out individual specialties. Primary Care should be of interest to most physicians as well. Note that Primary Care and some specialties are further divided into sites with multiple courses, and those with a single course. Maintaining any list of Web resources is a Sisyphean task; please contact me with corrections and comments.

Sites with Multiple Specialties
Primary Care: General Internal Medicine and Family Practice
Specialties: Administrative - Allergy - Anesthesia - Biotechnology - Cardiology - Dermatology - Emergency_Med - Endo/Metab - ENT - Genetics - GI - Heme/Onc - ID/AIDS - Med_Ethics - Med_Informatics - Nephrology - Neuro/Psych - OB/GYN - Occ/Environ - Ophthalmology - Orthopedics - Pathology - Pediatrics - Pulmonary - Radiology - Rheumatology - Surgery - Therapeutics/Treatments - Urology

Sections Multiple Specialties
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