About ( is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating and maintaining a Web repository of authoritative, unbiased information on medical computing and related technology.

Each member of's Board of Directors is currently or formerly associated with our core resource, Medical Computing Review (MCR), and we support its transformation after 15 years from a subscription-based print newsletter to an open access publication. Open access is a practical, technological solution to disseminating professional content—using (this is key) the same editorial standards as traditional scholarly publications—in a timely, cost-effective, and convenient manner. The site has two other sections: News&Views, previously a section within MCR, is now a weekly posting of serious and irreverent snippets of computing news items for a practicing physician audience; and the Archives contains content that may be of value to the medical community originally posted on the Medical Computing Today site, co-founded almost ten years ago by two Board members.

Central to's mission is that all content be freely available to practicing physicians and healthcare professionals. Before computers can begin to affect the quality and cost of U.S. healthcare, as many hope and predict it will, physicians first need easy access to trusted, authoritative information—on how to use computers to improve clinical practice and patient care, on promising software and technology, on which touted products may not deliver as expected.

The concept of global medical computing is also central to our mission. Everywhere, patient care will benefit when physicians share their computer experiences with colleagues practicing in other countries. Nowadays, computer technology is used without regard to national borders, particularly telecommunications and data-sharing on emerging infections, health travel concerns and public health and, more recently, bioterrorism.

Assistive technologies and universal design enable computers and related technology to be used by persons with disease and age-related disabilities. In support of such technology, has designed its site to insure it complies with standards for universal accessibility as defined by the World Wide Web Consortium Web Accessibility Initiative.

We look forward to developing relationships and sharing resources with other groups and organizations, and we hope those who support our mission will donate towards our efforts. Our 501(c)3 application has been submitted. Board of Directors

Marjorie Lazoff, MD
Editor-in-Chief, Medical Computing Review

Doris Peter, PhD
Vice President/Secretary,
Managing Editor, Medical Computing Review
Former publisher, The Medical Letter, Inc (previous owner of Medical Software Reviews/Medical Computing Review)

Susan Frisch
Board Member,
Founder, Medical Software Reviews



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